Red Wood 3/4 Ounce Casting Bobber with Eyes

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Part Number:218-2-2

Hardwood 3/4 ounce red bobber is used for casting long range.   I like to use these fixed bobbers for casting a bonito fly or for fishing over rocky reefs.

For fishing the bonito feather tie one end of a 36" 12lb fluorocarbon leader to the swivel and the other end to your fly.  Cast as long as possible, reel up slack, slash bobber to splash, reel, repeat.

For fishing over rock and reef areas attach bobber to main line in place of the sliding sinker (as with a Carolina Rig).  Determine the depth you wish to have your bait and tie a leader and hook to match.   Cast out and allow line to sink to the bottom.  Then hold on!

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